Muuh Archives

their architecture
Image from Steve Bowers">Muuh Archives
Image from Steve Bowers
Muuh data archives take the form of coral-like stacks, similar to other structures in their architecture

The Muuh Archives are found in the cyberspaces of every known Muuh colony, though it appears that the smallest and newest colonies have smaller collections than the largest and oldest settlements. The contents of these Archives are not well understood by Terragens, and it is often asserted that they are not that well understood by the Muuh either. Very large volumes of the information in the Archives are historical or practical and easily verified as such, but a much, much larger proportion of them appear to be art, fiction and so on. Terragens often have a very hard time distinguishing archival 'fact' from archival 'fiction', and to further complicate things the Muuh, who do seem to be better at it, do not seem to attach as much importance to the distinction as their Terragen guests do. Rumour has it that somewhere in the many inaccessible zones of the Archives is a series of keys that might sort out these differences.

Terragen researchers who explore the Muuh Archives by direct interface in the way that the Muuh habitually do often find themselves lost in the maze of information. Occasionally, Terragen ais have tried to upload adapted copies of themselves into the Archives, usually with the permission but against the advice of the local Muuh. They often return with interesting results, but occasionally they do not return at all. The reasons for these disappearances are not well understood.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 15 March 2016.