Muuh Cyberspaces

muuh cyberspace
Image from Steve Bowers

The physical infrastructure for Muuh cyberspaces is nearly impossible to distinguish from the rest of Muuh architecture, since it consists of processing capabilities built into the city-reef-forest structures that comprise the Muuh home habitat. Though they may span planets, or the sprawling spaceborne Muuh habs, Muuh networks seem to have a much less thoroughly linked internal structure than most Terragen localnets. Also unlike the more common Terragen designs they are independent of one another and do not connect to form a larger Known Net such as spans the Civilized Galaxy for Terragens. Muuh localnets, rather like the Muuh themselves, are quite slow but apparently quite powerful. The known functions of the Muuh localnets include maintenance of the local hab or arcology and its industries, facilitation of the extensive virch activities common to all known Muuh communities, computronium support for the rather mysterious animin-like Muuh equivalents of transapient entities (of which the famous System of Response is likely just one example), and of course recordings for a local copy of the voluminous Muuh Archives. The Muuh make extensive use of these cyberspaces, and spend long periods of time, even by Muuh standards, in direct interface with them via wearable devices and reality rooms (no known Muuh culture uses DNI technology). For reasons that are not well understood the Muuh seem not to be in the habit of putting uploads of themselves into their localnets; this is one of the many habits that Muuh informants often describe as 'unlucky'. On the other hand, they do not seem to object to Terragen ai or upload persons inhabiting or visiting their cyberspaces, though the most friendly-seeming typically advise against it and there are many practical barriers to this. Aside from the very slow rate of interaction, there are many portions of the Muuh cyberspace that are difficult or impossible to access. Such Terragen explorers, especially 'archive-divers', who have spent long spans of time in Muuh cyberspace have occasionally failed to return.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 15 March 2016.