Stasis Bubble

stasis bubble
Image from Steve Bowers
This unidentified disturbance in the space-time metric observed near the Orion Nebula is believed to be a Stasis Bubble created by Enremdeaorion

A stasis bubble is a Void bubble variant that is configured such that intense time dilation occurs within it.

Stasis bubbles become available at the Fifth Singularity and above and are created using the same basic techniques. However, the warp metric of the bubble is modified such that time passes more slowly within it than in the wider universe outside. Exactly how great the time dilation effect can be made is not clear, particularly for S6 level stasis bubbles. However, interviews with Orion, the Lord of Rays, and a particularly forthcoming iteration of a Transcend cluster-mind indicate that time rates as much as 10,000 times slower than those experienced in a flat-space environment may be routinely achieved.

The modification of the warp metric that generates the stasis effect also greatly reduces the void bubble’s efficiency as a transport device, resulting in power consumption rates as much as two orders of magnitude above the norm and a correspondingly reduced range and operational lifetime. For this reason, most stasis bubbles are nested within a more conventional transport bubble. Within the interior reference frame of the transport bubble, the stasis bubble is effectively at rest and so consumes little or no power on changing its position, even as its enclosing bubble carries it to wherever it is needed at any velocity up to nearly the speed of light.

Stasis bubbles are apparently rare, even among the high Archailects. Most godtech is self-repairing and self-sustaining so stasis technology is not needed to maintain it. Godtech biostasis systems are as advanced as any other high archailect technology and perfectly capable of preserving nearly any kind of biological organism for as long as desired. However, in those rare cases where self-repair or biostasis are not an option to preserve some object, organism, or device for as long as an Archailect wishes to preserve it, a stasis bubble can be a useful option.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 22 March 2016.