Muuhformer Minds

Automated systems that prepare worlds for colonisation by the Muuh

Muuhformer wreckage
Image from Steve Bowers
A very small number of inactive Muuhformer probes were discovered dotted around the Terragen Sphere before first contact with the Muuh. Why these probes had not completed their task of muuhformation is not clear. Each contains the remains of trillions of denatured microscale terraforming devices, which were examined by exoarchaeologists and determined to be capable of establishing a low-temperature biosphere. However any genetic material originally contained within these probes had been deliberately scrambled, making it impossible to reactivate them. Here is one discovered on JD 554502799 aVII in 7099 AT

During the final stages of the war that eventually destroyed their original empire the Muuh sent out an enormous number of colony ships to distant worlds to ensure survival of their race.

The majority of these worlds were only barely habitable by Muuh standards and extreme modification ('Muuhformation') was required to prepare them for habitation. To prepare these worlds a wave of probes were sent first to establish ecosystems and build habitats so that arriving Muuh could survive. In the highly allusive Muuh language these probes are known as Muuhformer Minds, since they are equipped with competent control systems capable of autonomous decision making.

In the Current Era there are significant numbers of Muuhformer Minds still operating on the edge of Muuh space. These entities provide assistance to relatively recent colonies or build new habitats for future use. Many structures built by Muuhformer Minds have no obvious purpose or seem to be built for other species than the Muuh, as evidenced by environmental factors such as surface gravity and atmosphere. These structures remain without sophont inhabitants and are with few exceptions protected by the System of Response which prevents any access.

Muuhformer Minds have strong animin characteristics and exhibit at least hyperturing skills when it comes to construction of habitats and ecosystems. However they seem to lack any self-preservation instinct and despite many attempts from terragens communicate only with other Muuh constructs, except for brief warnings. It is notable that Muuhformer Minds are intentionally incapable of self-replication. This feature seems to be product of Muuh exceptionally long term thinking and is shared with other Muuh autonomous constructs.

The first derelict Muuhformer Mind was discovered in 6850 AT and was immediately identified as the product of xenosophont civilization; the unknown makers were labelled HIE093CZE by the Hamilton Institute. Since then dozens of Muuhformer Minds both functional and derelict have been discovered. The Ozymandias Institute has recently attempted a synthesis of all current information regarding the Muuhformer Minds, but that project is still incomplete.

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