Eyre, Kingdom of
During the early 2300s, the biosphere of Nova Terra became more habitable, and a number of eccentric communities become established on the surface. One such was the Kingdom of Eyre, a small island-nation 70 kilometres off the north-eastern coast of Hope. The founders were followers of King Stanley, a sociologist claiming that elected mini-monarchies was the ideal social order for Nova. Nominally a member of the Red Rock Alliance, the kingdom was fiercely independent and chose to go its own way. At first it attempted to become a tax-haven and entertainment city, but it never really worked out due to its location, Landfall legislation and competition from Palm Beach. Instead it became a closed, self-sufficient society ruled by the elected monarchs. In 2449 the Landfall Oceanographic Institute built a research outpost on the steep eastern shore to explore the deep sea trench nearby. Over the years since this the outpost has grown and the kingdom has gradually prospered by its increasing involvement in deep sea research and exploitation.

By the mid Empires period some descendants from the Kingdom of Eyre became an important royalist clade. The King (or Queen) of Eyre is to this day the formal ruler of an aquatic clade and a monarchist polity which has full sovereignty, although because of its small size only limited influence in the politics of the region.
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Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 12 October 2002.