Magvivisystem Hyperpolity

Ultrasmallscale Maglife TRHN polity

Magvivisystem Torus
Image from Steve Bowers
The Magvivisystem torus is only 1.5km in radius but over a billion kilometres in circumference


The Magvivisystem Hyperpolity was discovered in 9310 AT by a PADO ship investigating an anomalous megastructure in the Perseus Arm suspecting it to be an Amalgamation installation. Contact with the local archailect was established, and the relieved PADO ship reported the news back to its sponsors. The polity contains a rare example of Magmatter-based alife.

The primary is an A-type star surrounded by an energy collection dyson bubble at 0.3 AUs. All of the energy is beamed to the local J-node and an orbiting circumstellar toroidal megastructure. The Torus has a major radius of 2.4AUs and a minor radius of 1.5km. Thousands of mass beams across the Torus are used for active cooling. Contained in the interior, shielded from contact with the matter of the Torus, is a magmatter-based ecology. Closer investigation and questioning of the local archailect responsible for the ecology's creation has revealed that the Torus contains eight different biochemistries. After several centuries of guided evolution a sophont species had emerged, which soon after established a complex civilisation, explored the Torus and was eventually contacted by its creator. Due to self-modification and provolution several thousand other clades now exist in the Torus, forming the Magvivisystem Hyperpolity.

The modosophonts of the Hyperpolity are extremely peaceful compared to nearbaselines, with hardly any major battles in their history. Even so, there have been occasional outbreaks of violence (though even in these cases, efforts have been made to minimise casualties). The horrors of the Repugnant 100 Nanosecond War of Copernicus 9385 AT are still recounted by many (a tragedy of misunderstanding that escalated when a development network formed by the new engineer clade Three-Polarised-Gamma-Photons tried to redesign fifteen cubic centimetres of the biosphere and was opposed by an alliance of local inhabitants).

All the maglife entities in the Torus are less than 50 nm in size. Deep biological instincts inserted by the creator lead to a very strong aversion to dense conglomerations of lifeforms, and the entire ecology is very diffuse on its own scales due to the risk of creating a gravitational singularity via a dense concentration of magmatter.

The Hyperpolity as a whole operates on timescales far faster than most modosophonts, and has a cultural complexity equal to an entire Sephirotic empire (at least from a modosoph perspective). Therefore it is largely uninterested in interaction with the glacial beings of the Terragen sphere, only expressing an interest in Fast Forward, contact with the Hildemar's Knots and communication with hyperfast archailect nodes.

In 9642 AT after the Hyperpolity was connected to the nexus via a microgauge wormhole and breached the first toposophic, it elected to join the TRHN - a wish which was granted by its creator.
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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 16 February 2011.