Bok Swarm in the Disarchy volume

Image from Steve Bowers
Preserver megastructures within the Strakaysa globule can be dimly glimpsed from outside in visible light

Strakaysa : Data Panel

Object TypeBok Swarm
RegionDisarchy, Preserver territory
Tech levelTransapientech
Government and economicsVaries according to Preserver. Externally, the Preservers appear to interact anarchistically
InfrastructureApproximately two million habitats controlled by one hundred thousand Sagittarius Preservers, varying from a few kilometres across to immobile McKendree cylinder size habs, possibly a number of Nuisances, twelve known Deep Well Industrial Zones. In the more densely populated areas, buckyfibre cables held taught by circular mass streams link a hundred or more Preservers and habitats along with industrial centres and resource nodes into loops that may be from anywhere from ten thousand to a million kilometres in diameter (depending on the size of the habitats connected). Each habitat contains a booster station for the mass stream. The loops allow easy transit and resource sharing between habitats.

Many such loops are connected to form vast conglomerate megatructures known as Webs, the largest of which is a lens shape almost 10 million kilometres across and 2 million kilometres thick at the centre. Vehicles ride the cables between the Preservers. For transportation between unconnected Preservers, a slingshot method is widely used.
BeamlinesOne, connected to Valkuya. Travel time estimated at 16 years, with beamrider craft arriving once every two years.
Strakaysa is one of the very few Bok Swarms that are connected to the main transport networks of Terragen civilisation, and even so it can hardly be considered accessible. One must travel all the way to the outer volumes, into the Disarchy, past Lasyuka, and finally spend more than a decade on a beamrider to arrive. Many, however, consider it worth the journey. The huge variety of the cosmopolitan civilisation is impressive for a system in the Outer Sphere. So far the Preservers have only utilised a small fragment of the Strakaysa Bok Globule, and in coming centuries the swarm is expected to grow far beyond its current size.

It is rumoured that several other Bok globules nearby have become Preserver territory. However, none are known for sure, and none are thought to be accessible by beamrider or wormhole.

Strakaysa is home to the Preserver infoartist Nepthys.
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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 01 February 2011.