A heavily populated Preserver system, host to a significant part of the Great Ecologist's processing substrate

Image from Steve Bowers
The innermost ring of Jupiter Nodes that orbit Valkuya's star

Originally a B2 type star, currently an F0 due to extensive mass lifting. 200 jupiter nodes with wormhole buses orbiting within 0.4 AUs of the primary form a significant part of the archailect known as the Great Ecologist.

The Preservers and Jupiter nodes are capable of acting as a single SI:4 mind with transavant abilities, though this mind appears to have no individual identity of its own. It acts primarily as a major processing node of the archailect, which also exists in nodes elsewhere throughout Preserver territory.

In addition, there are three Deep Well Industrial Zones and one Weylforge (not currently in operation). Current population is estimated to be 2 million Preservers controlling almost 100 million subsidiary habitats, which, along with extensive light collection and starlifting apparatus, DWIZs and magmatter construction facilities form a partial dyson swarm around the primary.

Over the past millenium, several thousand small ISOs with displacement or conversion drives have left the system, heading for the periphery at relativistic velocities. The wormhole Yonder connects Valkuya and Lasyuka, an additional two lead further towards the periphery. A beamrider line connects Valkuya with the Bok Swarm Strakaysa.

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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 17 January 2011.