Great Ecologist

Crossed Lemniscate
Image from John B

The Archailect of the Sagittarius Preservers, the Great Ecologist, is unusual in that e appears to possess a two part brain. The original substrate of the Great Ecologist is the Preservers themselves and their subsidiary habs. This part of the Great Ecologist is a Slow God composed of the collective mind processes of every Preserver and subsidiary hab and is one of the most abstract known.

The second part of the Great Ecologist has arisen since the Preservers started building ISOs and acquiring wormholes in 9200. It uses standard archailect architecture, usually M-nodes and J-nodes connected by wormhole buses. The two halves communicate in all of the most developed Preserver systems where swarms of millions of Preservers and their subsidiaries orbit the primary along with ISOs. A large part of the infrastructure supporting the Great Ecologist is in Valkuya system.

Overall, the Great Ecologist is thought to be a SI:5 entity, and in principle the two parts are redundant: if either were destroyed, the other half could still contain the Great Ecologist operating at SI:5, albeit in a severely abbreviated form.

Very little known about er origins aside from the fact that e created the Preservers in the Disarchy. Some have speculated that e may be an ascended Kja vec or a rogue heretic Negentropist priest.

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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 17 January 2011.