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Four McKendree cylinders are nested within each other at the heart of the Nepthys megastructure

Sagittarius Preserver infoartist, current residence in the Strakaysa Bok Swarm. Grown in the year 8730 in the Valkuya system and taking a female persona. Nepthys' current form is four stationary nested McKendree cylinders, the largest having a length of 12,000km and a diameter of 2,000km, with two synano dyson trees at either end, 2,000km in diameter each, all contained in a nonrotating spiral superstructure with multiple trailing fins. Colours are exclusively black and two dark shades of red, forming curved patterns across the entire surface.

Nepthys inhabitants form a fairly cosmopolitan anarchistic society, vecs, syborgs and bionts are all well represented, with Streyas and dolphin provolves (in the oceanic third cylinder), Rainbow Bubbles, Nebs and Plebvecs being the most common (each being about 20% of the population). Cities and Arcologies are all designed by Nepthys herself as works of art and are considered exceedingly beautiful.

Nepthys is considered one the premier infoartists of the Coreward outer volumes, and is very well known among inner sphere sentients. She has, almost single handedly, brought awareness of the Sagittarius Preservers to the Inner Sphere. To modosophonts, she describes being an infoartist as being a combination of poet, storyteller, worldbuilder, musician, comedian, satirist, social designer and several other things that are incomprehensible to bionts.

Her first work was designing her interior volume for her natives in 8910. This was followed by a series of short (less than a microsecond each) communications in the Preserver language, Sapsco, that could best be described as poetic aphorisms in 9185, though the fact that they cannot be translated without being almost entirely reworked has limited their audience to the Preservers themselves. In 9300 she communicated a large body of work to the inner sphere, most notable among them were:

-Ragnarok Looming, a vast epic satirical poem in Anglic about the Version War that is simple enough for a neb to understand, but also contains enough rhythmic, rhyming and thematic subtleties to hold the interest of a su, and comes with a translation transform (itself considered intrinsically beautiful by SI:1s) that allows a similar beauty to be appreciated in Metasoft vec language and Skiiws'nnii;

-K-alpha-thorn, a piece of music designed to be played by two virtuoso neb or su performers on the ancient instruments harp and theremin, with an additional dance piece, K-alpha-theta, for su and provolved dophins;

-Prickles 1-32, an series of input patterns through which one may experience a series of abstract tactile and gustatory sensations via a DNI, generally considered very pleasant though difficult to describe;

-Recursions4, a datablock designed solely for SI:2 entities. Incomprehensible to lower toposophics, but quite famous among its intended audience.

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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 01 February 2011.