First Exocore Bordered Corpus

Xenosophont polity established within Sephirotic space

First Exocore Bordered Corpus
Image from Steve Bowers
This O'Neill cylinder circling the innermost gas giant in the Exocore Bordered Corpus houses many Non-Menexene citizens who wish to participate in the Corpus Culture

First Exocore Bordered Corpus - data panel

DEFINITION:Xenosophont polity
TECH LEVEL :Hitech in most areas
ORIGIN :Breakaway Menexene guild aided by archailect Synergenesis
AIAI OVERSEERS : Synergenesis (fourth singularity)
AI'S ETHOS : Quasi-caretaker, non-interventionist unless there is a direct threat to the polity
Psyche, Art and CultureMETAPSYCHOLOGY / METAETHICS: Menexene analogue of ludic quasi-hedonistic Epicureanism with a strong current of xenophilia
IDEOLOGY: Varies, all Menexene derived
LANGUAGE: Menexene language ('Corespeak XII') and Anglic
Territory and PopulationCURRENT TERRITORY : Exocore system at the Periphery
CAPITAL: Iron-Gallium-Ammonia City (closest Anglic equivalent)
Artificial : 7%
Other : 1%
(Figures do not include virtuals or AIs)
Government and AdministrationGOVERNMENT TYPE : Consensus cyberdemocracy with a high degree of regional and economic autonomy.
ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS : Regional corpuses, councils, congress of guilds
CONSTITUTION : AWCG Guild contract
LEGAL SYSTEM : Democratically decided justice within the terms of the Guild contract.
Economics and InfrastructureECONOMIC SYSTEM : Mostly free communism/gift economy with some elements of a command economy depending on the goods in question.


DATA NET : Comprehensive in baseline habitable areas, otherwise minimal

MILITARY EXPENDITURE AS %GDP : Presumed to be zero
TravelIN-SYSTEM TRAVEL : Small fleet of baseline-friendly monopolium ships capable of holding Menexenes
STARGATE PLEXII : None save Synergenesis' connection to the Godweb
BEAMRIDER NETWORK : One beamline to the Socrates system
OTHER STARPORTS : Two electromagnetic catapults to various locations outside the system.
Interstellar Trade and RelationsEXPORTS : Spin glass technology, xenobiota
IMPORTS : Alifes, virch templates, nanotemplates, transition elements
First Exocore Bordered Corpus was formed by the group of eccentric breakaway Menexenes "Association-With-Greater-Civilisation Guild" aided by the archailect Synergenesis.

Initially only a brown dwarf on the outskirts of the system was colonised, where the "capital" Iron-Gallium-Ammonia City was constructed in the metallic hydrogen core. However, in 9900, Synergenesis created a fleet of 144 magmatter ships capable of carrying Menexenes between planets. With the aid of this, the Menexenes were able to colonise the three gas giants insystem. Their Conversion Drive ships now merely serve as in-system transportation between the four inhabited worlds.

Over time, many of the Aioids and bionts visiting the system found themselves becoming very attached to the extremely friendly Menexenes and sought a way to join them. Thus, in 10071, the Corpus chose to admit the first non-Menexene citizens: Aioids uploaded into artificial neumanns based on a spin glass, much as the Menexenes themselves are. Those who wanted to join the polity but not have to go to the trouble of being uploaded chose to live in an O'Neill cylinder orbiting the closest gas giant to the star.

The Corpus is divided into many regional corpuses; several councils for various things (healthcare, culture, co-operation etc.) -- each council itself a composite of many regional councils; and a congress of guilds and economic associations — another composite construction. Each of these has one or more arbiters elected either via rough consensus or random lots. There are also a great deal of "vagabonds" and "hermits" who are not part of this structure and prefer to work alone, and are looked after by various guilds created for just that purpose.

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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 26 June 2006.