Alexandria Clusters

Information storage clusters in Dyson swarms around red dwarf stars

Alexandria Clusters
Image from Steve Bowers
Alex Cluster Chwech, the sixth such structure constructed

Alexandria Clusters - Data Panel

Definition:Minor Polity / Metapolity
Founded:First appeared 4000 a.t..
AIRuling Archailect: Unknown
Territory and PopulationCurrent Territory: Number of known dysons: 11
Number of known settled systems: 212

Capital: Unknown
Estimated population: 10e12

Population Breakdown :
0.1% neumanns
0.3% nearbaseline
0.5% tweak
0.8% supeior
11% cyborg
42% vecs
45.3% aioid
Government and AdministrationGovernment: Unknown
Economics, Local InfrastructureTechnology Level: In the core dysons Transapientech. In less developed systems Ultratech
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology: Cautious, search for knowledge, hider memes
TravelTravel advice: It should be noted that strangers are not welcome within the realm of the Alexandria Clusters. The destruction of the first Alexandrian dyson sphere left a permanent mark on the psyche of the polity. The clusters have no known direct connection to the Wormhole Nexus or the Known Net. Unwanted visitors are deported.

Alexandria Clusters consist of small dysons (diameter less than 1 AU) around several stars of Havard Classification type S0 to M0 and other habitats (4-12 per system are most common but up to 29 have been reported) throughout Terragen space. Each cluster is watched over by one AI of high transapient or archailect level. The clusters serve just one purpose: to store information as historically accurately as possible and to store contemporaneous commentaries and interpretations of that information. In this context the interpretation of the original author is valued the most. Each AI is free to choose what information is stored but is obliged to explain eir reasons.

The clusters usually have secret networks of supporters throughout Terragen space. These often have a semi-religious outlook similar to Omegism or Cosmism but centered around the quest for knowledge; other than that the clusters have varying degrees of operations going on to actively seek out information. They sponsor xenoarcheological digs, expeditions, research institutes and some megacorps specialized in space exploration, and many other information-gathering activities. Often this involves the help of freelancers who never know who they really work for. Information technology and knowledge transfer companies may be cover identities for the clusters.

The first Alexandrian dyson swarm was constructed (beginning in 4000 a.t.) by an unidentified Neumann at a star located near the border of the NoCoZo/Negentropy spheres of influence. In 4576 a.t., during the Version War, a great Negentropy Alliance relativistic force entered NoCoZo territory to retaliate against Cyberian/NoCoZo attacks committed earlier in that decade. The task force of the Negentropy Alliance suffered heavy casualties through the stiff resistance offered by NoCoZo forces and had to retreat to the region of the dyson sphere. The NoCoZo strategists feared that the task force could ally themselves with the Alexandria Cluster and use the dyson as a port. This fear was fuelled by similarities in the prevalent memes governing both the Alexandrian Cluster and the Negentropy Alliance. The dyson was destroyed 4582 a.t. in a NoCoZo/Negentropy Alliance clash when the task force was finally confronted by a NoCoZo Homefleet. The NoCoZo commander took no chances and used an experimental displacement weapon. This is just a small example of the atrocities committed during the Version War by all parties involved.

After this event the Clusters became more and more reclusive and adopted several memes from Hider cultures. A group of refugees from the destruction of this dyson merged with the Arachtron Archivars and had a great impact on the memes governing the planet now known as Alexandria. It should be noted that both polities are distinct. While the Alexandrian Clusters became more and more secretive and isolated, the Arachton Archivars sought the protection of the Negentropic Alliance. It is known that the Clusters are collecting Clarketech artifacts such as Dittocubes, for reasons unknown.

There are a number of conspiracy theories regarding these clusters. One claims that a secret cabal of Archivist survivors have started to build new archives and are just disguised as Terragen AI but in reality use the gathered information for there own unknowable ends. Another theory claims that once the Alexandria clusters have completely stored all information of the civilized galaxy the Terragen civilization will disappear like the Archivist civilization.

Note: The original Library of Alexandria on Earth has given its name to many different libraries and databases throughout the history of the Terragen Sphere, from the Alexander II Bibliotech project to the secretive Alexander Dyson Clusters spread through the Middle Regions. In total there are 26108 orbitals, 1319 asteroids, 57 moons, 12 planets, and 11 dyson swarms called Alexandria.

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Initially published on 21 May 2004.