Adapawe Clan
A wealthy and influential clan of Inner Sphere Superiors, best known for the role they have long had as Shareholders in Cygexpa. The ongoing feud between the Adapawes and their Veiler allies and Adriana Yue's Shareholder faction is thought to have contributed to the great Cygexpa sell-off.
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    Shareholder group from the Veil Nebula worlds of Cygexpa. Originally based on the shares owned and invested by Incenti Jerwan during the late consolidation era which became owned by the Bank of Aucygnus after his bankruptcy. The Bank leveraged the shares into a controlling position of the local wormhole links, producing both enormous revenue and a long-running low-level dispute with the Friedmen. Over the centuries the bank became a democratic shareholder-house, largely supporting the slow expansion and political control advocated by the Adapawe.
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Development Notes
Text by Stephen Inniss
based on material by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 05 September 2011.