Campian Subtype

Dry Gaian worlds with less than 50% ocean cover

Image from Steve Bowers
Ribblehead has numerous small seas covering less than half of the surface
These worlds are Gaian in nature with a percentage of open water less than half the planetary surface. As such, the climates of these planets are quite dry, with desert zones covering most of the inland regions, and over all rainfall relatively low even in the polar or tropical latitudes. They may hold diverse biomes which are adapted to conditions with relatively low rainfall.

The surface oceans, better characterized as landlocked seas, have a high salinity, and may sport biomes highly adapted to such conditions. Indeed, a sudden influx of less saline water has been known to cause marine mass extinctions.

Examples Paula, Ribblehead (post-terraformation)

Image from Steve Bowers
Paula has 38% water cover, concentrated in a single land-locked ocean.
In contrast, paludial subtype worlds have similar amounts of surface water, but they retain greater amounts of water in their atmosphere, so they are much more humid than campian subtype worlds.
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Initially published on 20 November 2008.