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Ribblehead is a world in the MPA hinteregions, the third planet in the Pen-y-ghent system. It is home to 500 distinct low tech nation clades.

Traveller's Notes - Ribblehead

A Hyhyoinimn traveler made her way through an equatorial region. At first, Hrrynmyh was unaware of the looks the natives were giving her, brushing them off as glances of curiosity or the sun in their eyes. Quite soon, Hrrynmyh noticed that none of them would look her straight in the eye as she walked past. They talked amongst themselves in hushed voices and quick hand signals. Hrrynmyh knew being out here in these foreign parts was dangerous. None of the folk here looked like they were going to offer her shelter and water. Maybe coming out here to trade wasn't such a good idea, especially without her Minoan companion. These xenophobic outback tribes weren't going to trade spices and stories with her. It was getting late. Soon, it would be time to go home. She thought it ironic how these people were so unaware of other worlds than theirs when, in the sky, everyone could see the arc of light suspended in the heavens. The so-called Cityring, home to the Archailects. Other worlds, indeed...

Ribblehead - Data Panel

Primary:Pen-y-ghent (YTS 56999 45812)
Stellar Type:F1 - comfort zone 1.4 AU
Companion:YTS 56999 45812B (class M1v red dwarf mean 450AU distant)
Region:Mutual Progress Association middle regions- 790 ly from Sol- Constellation Scorpius
Planets:Ribblehead is the third planet in the Pen-y-ghent system
AI:AI overseer: Cityring Expediter (based on Ribblehead orbital city ring- local AI power)
AI's ethos:: Progressive - Experimental sociologism
Polity:Name: Ribblehead League of Nations
Symbol: Patchwork globe in patchwork field
Affiliation: Mutual Progress Association
Founded: 3499 Terraformed 4800
Psyche, Art, Culture:Metapsychology: Ribblehead is currently a lo-tech Societeum. 500 different nations have been established in this large world's landmass of 540 million km2.
Each nation was originally founded as a single clade culture, with access to electronics or mass production technology forbidden by the Cityring Expediter - one Net terminal per original nation

Religion/Ideology: Each Nation originally had one state sponsored religion or ideology, which has been subject to subsequent historical events — this being the primary purpose of the planetary experiment.

Since the experiment started, the nations have fought, merged with, suppressed and exterminated each other, until now the largest but least fertile continent (23) and the free city-state Jefferson (Enk- Mrprk) have become a haven for the dispossessed, cultural refugees who have begun to forge various polysyncretic cultures. At each Tenyears end the Cityring allows the brightest products of the new cultures to copy or migrate into the Progress milieu. Continent (23) has since 7897 AT become accessible for monitored tourism.

Culture and Art: Permitted for export: much handmade pottery, jewellery, religious articles, furniture,weaponry. Also fine music, choral works, hymns, martial music, literature, poetry, and samisdyat.

Languages: Anglish, Galanglic, Penglaiese, demotic Coronese, Esperanto, Ameslan, Creole, Amerind language family, !Xhosa, classical Greek, others
Territory and Population:Population: Ribblehead 15 billion
Ribblehead city ring 30 billion including virtuals
Population breakdown:

baseline 7 billion
splice 1 billion
rianth 1 billion
provolve 3 billion
tweak 2 billion
neogen 2 billion
nearbaseline 2 billion
Immigration:Zero immigration to Ribblehead
100 million emigrating to all vectors per tenyear
50 million immigration to Cityring per annum mostly virtuals
200 million immigration to all vectors mainly to Sagittarius expansion direction
Government and Administration:Government Type: Mutual Progress Association- individual worlds have sovereignty except Ribblehead (social experimental status) and Cityring (AI Direct rule)

National Holidays: Founding Day, Terraforming Day, Bluesky Copyday, many others.

Constitution: Ribblehead League of nations has limited executive power; all nations otherwise have nominal sovereignty subject to technological embargo enforced by the Cityring Expediter.

Legal System: Local legal systems apply, subject to oversight by the Cityring Expediter
Economics, Local Infrastructure:Currency: Local currencies, most powerful Swiss Franc

Major Industries: Agriculture, Limeslaking, Ironsmithing, Forestry, Biomass fuel production, wine production, Weapons production,
Angelnetting: Cityring and sociological monitoring of surface (total)

Major Orbitals: The Cityring is a dynamically supported continuous habitat with several cybercosm nodes.

Image from Steve Bowers
Ribblehead: the planetary surface is designated as a Lo-tech reserve habitat, but the Cityring surrounding the planet holds a hi-tech society in full contact with the Sephirotic Empires

Appendix A

Extract from Biography of Benedita Bluesky

... a severe conflict arose in 3499 over a large chondritic world known as Ribblehead, rich in carbon and aluminium but depleted in iron. The venusian tweaks, Clade Leda and the titanian adapts, the Methanoids both claimed the planet, but the Bluesky sect muscled in and seeded it with nanobacilli and poikilotrophs (carelessly infecting and killing some tweak survey teams). DalethBenedita was not present when this atrocity was committed.

The Bluesky terraformers proceeded to extract carbon compounds out of the atmosphere with scoopships to be used for infrastructure and industry in orbit. The world was terraformed by 4800. Ribblehead has the largest land area of any neogaian world in MPA space, with carbonic acid seas and rocks rich in calcite, blodite, diamond, graphite and dolomite as well as siderite, but an earthlike gravity due to the planet's low density.

Ribblehead Races and nations

Major Ribblehead nations by race and religionThe Wolfpack(humandog splices) militant masculinism
The Friends of Man (Dog provolves) Universal Splice and Provolve Church
(These two nations are often bitter cultural enemies.)
Lapiths (neogen centaurs) Grek
Ashanti (baseline) animist
German Swiss (baseline) Negentropism
Hyhyoinimn (horse provolves), Universal Splice and Provolve Church
Kender (neogen) Abundance Theory
Yangko (ex penglai baseline approximates) Taoism
New Hoa Chen (ex Penglai baseline approximates) entry level Keterist, Taoist
New Chin (baseline approximates) Confucianist
Amish (baseline) Dissenting Christianity
Zarathrustan (baseline) pragmatist
Cervine Rianth (deer humans) Buddhist
Coronese Greenists (Baseline) neopaganism
Troglodyte (moderate tweak) neonordic revivalist (many nations distributed in extensive cave systems)
Cyclopes (moderate tweak giant) entry-level Keterist
Xhosha (baseline) Universalism
Shoshone (baseline) animism
Haitian (baseline) neovudun
Ursus Terriblis (Polar bear/Grizzly splice provolves) Abundance Theory
Cimmerrian (baseline) role-immersion paganism
Manganese (neogen) neomanicheaian
Sindar (neogen/su/ mild tweak) Tolkeinism
Minoan (baseline revivalist) Grek
Languedoc (baseline revivalist) Medievalists
Raxx (rodent provolves) Abundance Theory
Gharial (crocodilian provolves) Church of St Marx
Sioux Nations (Baseline) Undyoism, animism
Pan's People (Goat Provolves) omegism

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Ribblehead without clouds: The numerous continents and subcontinents of this large world are separated by enclosed seas and small oceans

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