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The terraformed world Equinoxe

Jarre - Data Panel

Primary:L117 (Obscure Cyberian pun)
Stellar Type:G4 - comfort zone 0.8-1.1 AU
(Note: Primary is used as power source and its evolution has been interfered with)
Region:In the middle of Perseus Rift
Planets:1. Fourth Rendez-Vous (Mercurian innermost planet, converted entirely into power stations, amat and exotic matter factories, and high energy computronium.)
2. Oxygene (Synthetic Hylonanecology)
3. Equinoxe (Daskren Protectorate, Terraformed Edenic)
4. Chronologie (Gas Giant, Sold/ to PADO)
AI:AI overseer: Kaliana Fractal (S4 posthuman)

AI's ethos: Profit, Personal Development, Techophilia, Atheist (Actively bans/discourages worshipping herself)
Polity:Spaeth Name: Spaeth Posthuman Republic

Symbol: Multidimensional Cryptofractal

Affiliation: Independent

Founded: 7499, Terraformed 7800
Psyche, Art and CultureMetapsychology: Self-Development/Ascendic, Hedonic, Technophilic

Religion/Ideology: Mostly incomprehensible to subtransapient sentients

Culture and Art: Mostly incomprehensible to subtransapient sentients
(Several instances of Perfect Art are accessible)

Languages: CACC, Douh
Territory and PopulationPopulation: 1.22 Billion

Population breakdown: 98% Nearbaseline, 2% various

Immigration/Emigration: Mostly ascendic emigration to Spaeth
Economics, Local InfrastructureCurrency: Daskren Dollar (Exchangeable)
Predominant Tech Level: High Tech-Ultratech
(Nanotech Macroscale with some baseline-friendly transapientech elements.)

Major Industries: Tourism, Nearbaseline Art, Nanofacturing
Angelnetting: None
Major Orbitals: 30.1% of Halo Orbital Land Area
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology: Humanist, Republican,

Religion/Ideology: Scepticism, Democracy, Humanism

Culture and Art: Wholly Baseline-based

Languages: SecFed, Douh
Government and Administration SystemGovernment Type: Representative Democracy

National holidays: Foundation Day, Protectorate Day, Fractal Remembrance

Constitution: Jefferson-3

Legal system: (Very Loosely) based on ancient Napoleonic Code with Spaeth Posthuman Jurisprudence.
Signatory to Universal Bill of Sentient Rights.


Jarre system is one of the more important stargate links between the Inner Sphere and the Perseus Arm. Careful political maneuvering has enabled it to retain independence and own culture even in the face of the threat of the Amalgamation.

Spaeth Posthuman Republic

Founded by the crew of original expedition linelayer from Relay005, SPR was created when Relay005-Orchid expedition ran into trouble in the middle of the Perseus Rift. After a major engineering catastrophe they managed to limp into nearby system where they built up local infrastructure to enable the opening of the wormhole mouth they carried.

Relay005 and its corporate sponsors weren't too happy about the event, but accepted the mishap, helped to capture another wormhole mouth pair and sent the same linelayer to Orchid where it arrived without further trouble later.

Instead of aligning itself with Relay005 and it's sponsors, SPR managed to retain it's independence via deft political maneuvering, skillful countermemetics and a certain lack of Inner Sphere interest.

Daskren Baseline Protectorate

Daskren was created as a model of (reasonably) enlightened baseline society by SPR from historical baseline societal models. The goal was a baseline-operable humane democratic republic with minimal hyperturing intervention and contamination. By and large this experiment was successful and even today remains an example that baselines can manage their own societies without hyperturings. To a degree, at least; since any baseline government would be easy prey for any hyperturing memetic warfare or perversion, SPR limits SI:>1 inside the DBP. Even today SPR considers DBP with fond appreciation and any calls to remove the 'inefficient and immoral' local baseline government have very low popularity. There is constant emigration to Spaeth from DBP by those willing to embrace posthumanity and (very) minor immigration from Spaeth by Abdicators.

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Text by Tapio Erola
Initially published on 27 November 2003.