Lacustric Subtype

Humid Gaian worlds with low topography and 50-80% ocean coverage

Lacustric subtype
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Gillbank, a terraformed lacustrian world, currently the capital of the Disarchy.

These Gaian worlds possess a typical oceanic cover ranging from 50 to 85% of the surface. However, what sets them apart from typical Gaian worlds is the low topography of the terrestrial regions. Some such worlds may in fact have continents that are little more than chains of islands and swamp-covered expanses. The climate tends towards tropical, and if life is present heavy vegetation may be found covering nearly all land areas. The warm climate, fostered by nearly unrestricted flow of weather patterns, keeps even the poles from freezing in the winter.

Lacustric worlds which support life may become archetypical jungle worlds. However, future tectonic movement can raise the topography and change global climate drastically. For this reason a world may pass through several lacustric phases during its development.

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Initially published on 20 November 2008.