Abydos (Cor Caroli)

Abydos (Cor Caroli)
Image from Steve Bowers
The highly magnetic A-Class star Cor Caroli is a useful source of magnetic energy

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StarCor Caroli (Alpha Canum Venaticorum)
AllegianceSolar Dominion
Stellar TypeA0 Hi-Magnetic star
Distance from Sol99.673 ly
Luminosity83 x Sol
CompanionF-Class star, 5x solar luminosity, 650 AU distant, 2 inhabited planets

Known in ancient days to Old Earth astronomers as Cor Caroli, this is a magnetic star with a stellar atmosphere enriched in silicon, mercury and europium. It was one of the first stars to be linked with a wormhole to Fons Luminis, and acted as the Solar Dominion's greatest source of amat and exotic matter for almost a thousand years. From the beginning it came to be a center for Sun Miners who worked together with Dominion engineers to construct gigantic generators by extending superconducting tethers from asteroids and planets into the star's magnetic field; by turning their angular momentum into electricity they got a readily available source of energy for star mining, matter compression and amat production.

Today Abydos is a heavily industrialised and developed system, of more historical and cultural then resource value, with a number of large orbital bands, banking and virchconstruct services, galleries, museums, labs, amat production and weylforges, computronium banks, interstellar catapults, and has several wormholes in the outer system. It remains the historical home to a number of important Sun Miner Houses and Clades.

The companion star, known historically as Alpha-A, has two terraformed planets and a large population loyal to the Dominion.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 10 January 2001.