Dominator Class Ship
Dominator Fleet
Image from Darren Ryding

One of the capital ships of the Archosaurian Empire, recognised by its dark, broad mothlike 500 metre wide form.

Dominators have a formidable array of weaponry; lasers, particle beams, amat missiles, godtech disassemblers and exotic infoviruses. Their drive systems are almost as diverse - each ship is fitted with displacement drive, total conversion reactors and scramjets - the latter for rare atmospheric entry (even within large habitats). Each drive can be used according to the level of speed or stealth required for the task. The local human name for these craft serves a double purpose; as well as being obviously "dominant", they are also controlled by second toposophic intelligences that are not only self-aware, but also strangely playful. A single Dominator can co-ordinate thousands of lesser ships simultaneously; even transapient Archangel corvettes.

The first Dominators entered service in the early 7000's AT, and were pure black. Following the Archosaurian Entity's transcension to 5th toposophic in 9,400 AT, the Dominators were fitted with (among other things) thicker, denser armour with a deep blue scaly texture. They now had twice the former reinforcement - magbuckyfibre "mesh" imbedded between normal matter crystal films layered like plywood. The outermost layer of armour is capable of displaying a wide range of other textures and images, as shown above.

Until recently, Dominators were too large to use the local wormholes, and were used primarily for homeland defense and transport (they were especially useful when transporting large numbers of large dinosaurs or hypersaurs). Dominators on security patrol rarely ever carry bionts - this would inhibit the level of acceleration that may be necessary in an aggressive situation.

There are presently more than a thousand Dominators currently in service within the Archosaurian Empire. This contrasts with the nine in service prior to the Vanguard conflict of 7388 AT, and the hundred or so prior to the Archaipelago Attacks one millennia later. It seems that the Great ArchSaur Archailect is boosting her "immune system".
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Text by Darren Ryding
Initially published on 05 November 2003.