Futurological Congress, The (Civilisation Ship)

Futurological congress
Image from Steve Bowers

The Curatorial Progress Negentropy Civilization Ship The Futurological Congress set out from Dschubba Amat Combine in 8502 AT and set out at relativistic speed along the MPA - Negentropy border towards the galactic core. Databanks of information about the Terragen sphere were incorporated into its memory stacks, including as comprehensive as possible recordings of virtual fiction scenarios from the 1st century AT onwards (1969-2069 CE), and written material from "Gilgamesh" mythology (5th millenia BT) onwards. The baselinophile archai in charge of the ship and its Halo Drive was particularly interested in Old Earth literature, and collected it when e could. Near NGC 6334 the ship entered a binary G star system, an obscure and largely forgotten Negentropist colony, and acquired some previously lost Creationist tracts which amused The Congress greatly. One item particular, "Omphalos; an attempt to untie the geological knot" by Phillip Henry Gosse' interested the archai very much.

The Knot that Gosse was attempting to untie was the difference between the age of the earth in the Judaeo-Christian Bible and the newly discovered geological record. Gosse's idea was that, just as God had given Adam a bellybutton (omphalos in Greek), so he had created the fossil record and the ancient rocks in 4004 BC to test the faithful.

The Congress realized that this argument was unassailable. Assuming a creator god with a toposophic level of infinity, such a deception would be possible, and if true the universe was no more than twelve and a half millennia old, and all starlight more than that age would be an artefact. If the Congress could travel beyond the c-horizon to before that light was emitted e should enter the universe as it was before the Creation.

In legends of the Sagittarius Arm Outer Volumes were rumours of a partial and decaying wormhole link to the inner Scutum-Crux Arm. Using its powers of persuasion the Congress managed to take nearly three quarters of its normal 500,000 complement of human librarians and crew with it on its quest to use the wormhole (if it existed) to jump out of the expanding sphere of existence into God's outside paradise. No contact with The Futurological Congress has been made for nearly two thousand years.

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 13 May 2007.