Triumvirate, The
Not a true empire, but a unified ontology and meta-polity. It was created by a multi-clade group of local administration godlets and superbright and po clades as a synthesis of the Negentropy Alliance, MPA, and Fomalhaut Acquisition Society in the wake of the Version War, and spanned a large swath of middle regions MPA and Negentropy Alliance border worlds.

Over the almost four millennia since its establishment, the Triumvirate — the name reflecting the equal rulership of the three Sephirotics — has been extending economically and memetically into the Inner Sphere, and politically, militarily, and territorially towards the Outer Volumes. They are not a free zone like the NoCoZo, or a rebellious region like the NoCoNeg. Rather the Negentropist component insists on strict regulation and tariffs, and since these tariffs benefit the curatorist trade ships, the Fomac component is most happy to oblige.

Their success, mirroring that of the Empledokcetics, Laughter Hegemony, and Orion Federation, has created concern among some old Inner Sphere interests at ramifications that may result from the "New Empires". Their most enduring legacy is the Curatorial Progress Negentropy Civilization (CPNC) ship, more popularly known as the Civilization Ship. At present over a hundred have been built; they are considered among the wonders of the modern galaxy.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 January 2002.