Panvirtuality 1

First Panvirtuality system discovered

Image from Steve Bowers

Epsilon Serpentis
Type: A-class star
Luminosity: (before colonisation) 13x Sol
Distance from Sol: 70.3 ly
Allegiance: Solipsist Panvirtuality.

A-class star ringed by computronium megastructures and matrioshka dyson.
Although relatively small by Panvirt standards systems, it is however the first panvirt system to be examined in detail, by late First Federation exploration swarm, hence the name.

The system appears to have undergone radical evolutionary transformations, from an original nanotech dyson to its current godtech status. Nano, Micro- and Macro-gauge Wormhole buses link Panvirtuality 1 to other Panvirt systems.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 19 December 2001.