Transcension Machine
Banned in some polities and commonly confused with some toposophic transcension devices by laybeings, the transcension machine is a nanotech pill used by those who have grown tired of the mundane life and who wish to transcend to a spiritual plane or other existence, or to simply die.

When activated, a transcension machine initiates two parallel programs. One works to slowly and painlessly deactivate bodily functions. The other induces the user's mind into a state of awake-dreaming, bringing good sensations to the euthanasing being. This state does not impair the perceptions of the being in any way other than as a result of sensory degradation resulting from the deactivation of bodily systems caused by the device.

Modern transcension machines have been optimized such that the shutdown process can be fully reversed even when more than 50% of it has been completed, through a mental command from the user.
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Text by Fernando Peña D'Andrea
Initially published on 07 May 2003.