The practice of solely use subsentient artificial devices or designed entities for erotics or love. Although the practice sometimes occurred during the Information era (mainly with splices and moldies), it has become much more common since the 4000's and today an estimated 25% of the total Terragen human population is purely technogamous.

Technogamy has been called the third sexual revolution: the first was the introduction of contraception, separating sex from reproduction, the second was the introduction of reproductive technology separating pregnancy from having children. The third separates sex from relations with other bioids.

Since subsentient moldies, nanodildonics and virtuals can in general provide equal or greater pleasure than human-human sex and empai equipped bot systems can provide emotional satisfaction fully on par with normal partnerships, technogamous individuals can avoid the complex responsibilities and limitations introduced by having a fully sentient partner.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 January 2002.