Beings unable to self-reproduce without physical/nanotech manipulation of their bodies.

For example, a race of organic beings which require significant nano/hylo/biotech alteration after birth/creation to become 'normal' or 'representative' members of their clade. Typically there is a social contract (written or unwritten) as to a minimum amount or type of such augmentation recognized as 'normal' or 'representative', sometimes including specific types or even models of implanted technology.

Another example - Emotes are not considered to be a full member of the clade unless they have a functional emotive state broadcast/reception suite implanted. This is such a pivotal point of their clade's existence, they have coined over 20 specific terms to handle cases such as a child of an Emote parent which is not physically mature enough to survive the implantation process, or an Emote with a damage-disabled transmitter, or a damage-disabled receptor, or both.
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