Reproductive Counselors
A fairly quiet professional group of sophonts are usually self-titled 'reproduction counselors.' These sophonts are identified as having received training in assisting cross-clade reproduction. This group is widely scattered across the sephirotic empires and many outer rim zones. They are primarily located in areas where multiple clades come into repeated close contact.

Common areas of knowledge for these professionals include neural imaging, processor architecture, sophont design theory, cognition structuring, cloning, nanofacture, and myriad other specialist fields. They bring this knowledge to bear in developing the next generation of sophonts.

Many reproductive counselors point at the Version Tree and the Biovirate's "Green Mother" as archailect exemplars of their profession. However, unlike those archailects, most counselors are typically more specialized in cross-substrate planning. Additionally, many voluntarily constrain their actions to local moral norms and the like, but the legends of rogue Reproductive Counselors living at the fringes of society willing to assist any willing sophont(s) persist most doggedly.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 20 September 2004.