Triple star system
HD 196954A shines brightly in the sky of Sy; but in fact this planet orbits the close binary pair HD 196954B+C, seen near the horizon

Primary Star HD 196954A
Type A0
Distance from Sol 1124 ly
Luminosity 75 x Sol
Secondary/Tertiary HD 196954B+C close orbiting binary
Mean separation from Primary 14 AU
Type K0/K5V
Mean separation of B+C 0.15 au
Planet Sy
Colonised 3910 AT
Type young, lifeless Eogaian now terraformed
Affiliation Former Cygexpa world, now independent bureaucracy

Intermediary system in the outer Veil region. Regional wormhole waypoint, a link between Nova Schiaparelli and Orwell, as well as several other worlds. Wormhole links to Pardes, and elsewhere. Administrative troubles tend to cause hold-ups for travelers.
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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg, additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 31 December 2001.