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Star: HD 190605
Type: G2V
Luminosity: 1.46 x Sol
Age: 10 billion Years
Constellation: Vulpecula
Distance from Sol: 149 ly (Epoch 2000)
Planet: Pardes
Type: Eugaian.
Diameter: 12544 km
Surface Gravity: 0.98 gees
Orbital Period: 1.25 Standard years
Semimajor Axis: 1.2 AU
Day Length: 34 Hrs

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Pardes is the former Cygexpa capitalworld, located 149 light years from Sol. Originally a lifeless, mature gaian world it was colonised in 2010 AT. It was terraformed with relative ease and became the headquarters of the Cygnus Expansion Association in 2376.

Before the Great Cygexpa Sell-off, this world was the seat of the merchantile Archai Lohengrin until e traded away most of the Cygnus Empire. Other notable inhabitants of this world have included Adriana Yue Oncehuman and Mermo Lachbannia.

Pardes was home to a major sect of the Corporate Religion of Abundance, the most influential outside the NoCoZo. Citizens of Pardes who followed this religion were known as Employees or Shareholders, according to rank. The sect fragmented when Cygexpa was sold off, and in the current era the system is home to a myriad smaller hyperpowers and megacorps, many of which are extremely wealthy.

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