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Sunrise on Somewhere (Rigel IV)

Stellar Type: O-class blue giant.
Companions: 2x B class stars and 1 x K class dwarf star
Allegiance: Metasoft,
Distance from Sol: 860 ly
Luminosity (bolometric): 85,000 x Sol
Planets: Most of the original protoplanetary cloud around this star was vapourised before large planets could form; however eleven small planets exist at various distances from the primary, including the largest Somewhere: (Rigel IV), slightly smaller than Mars. Eleven other planets orbit the companion stars.

Rigel is an important Metasoft power-producing star, with a clade of cyborg-human Backgrounders living in the local Oort cloud.

The surrounding region, the Rigel Vector, was the site of the First Vec War between Metasoft and the Emotive Cognation during the Integration.

When the Orion Federation emerged in the post-CompEmp era the Rigel system did not become part of it but remained loyal to Metasoft.

Rigel is accompanied by a pair of B class stars, at a distance of 2500 AU. This pair of stars are themselves separated by 100 AU. A fourth star, Rigel D, a K class dwarf, is in a loose orbit of 11,500 AU.

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Initially published on 25 June 2003.