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The earliest type of practically usable and self-governed bot known to the terragens. It emulates some aspects of terragen rodents.

Its eyesight is, at best, limited. It orientates by touch by whiskerlike protrusions. It navigates in the space by remembering the touch sensation of places er has been and walking a fixed distances by memory. When tossed aside, it can return to the familiar place only by chance exploration of the environment. It is primitive, but surprisingly effective, especially in places like buildings, starships, with many straight lines and few irregular surfaces, especially if an approximate map of the surroundings can be loaded into it.

Particularly numerous in the Outer Reaches, Ratbots are often found in association with, or in competition with baseline rats and rat provolves.

One of the most widespead form of ratbot is the rodent-like form used by the well-known PackRat aioid clade, although these entities utilise a number of other bodyplans as well.
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    Any of several species of adaptable, intelligent terragen rodent. All through history rats have proved adaptable and were one of the few types of animals to thrive with the ascendence of baseline hu. Easily kept and bred, they are popular with geneers and spacers, and it is estimated that several million species have been created, hybridized, or have evolved naturally, in the period since mindkind first ventured into space. Rat splices, rat tweaks, and ratborgs have proved their worth on ships, especially relativistic and pioneer vessels, many time, and often develop into unique and indigenous ecosystems. Rat provolves are also common, although not as common as cat or dog provolves.
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Text by Jorge Ditchkenberg
Initially published on 06 February 2004.