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Order of usually small Terragen gnawing mammals, mostly herbivorous, distinguished by enlarged front incisors and a lack of canine teeth. Includes rats, mice, hamsters, squirrels, voles, beavers and many other species. The most diverse of all Terragen mammals, some rodents have proved extremely adaptable and accompanied baseline humans into space during the Interplanetary period. Others however are very vulnerable to new conditions and require biohabitats that reproduce their original environment. Rodents are a popular subject for gengineeers and rodent variants often prove to be popular pets.

Several species of rodent have been provolved to sophont-level intelligence, including raffins and other types of rat provolve, and the micemen, cybermice, hive mice and hypermice which originated on Tien-schu.
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    Any of several species of adaptable, intelligent terragen rodent. All through history rats have proved adaptable and were one of the few types of animals to thrive with the ascendence of baseline hu. Easily kept and bred, they are popular with geneers and spacers, and it is estimated that several million species have been created, hybridized, or have evolved naturally, in the period since mindkind first ventured into space. Rat splices, rat tweaks, and ratborgs have proved their worth on ships, especially relativistic and pioneer vessels, many time, and often develop into unique and indigenous ecosystems. Rat provolves are also common, although not as common as cat or dog provolves.
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