Void Cathedralism

Metaphysical doctrine due to Qristan Kemshola

Void Cathedral
Image from Steve Bowers

Quarks cluster into hadrons, which cluster into nuclei which in turn form atoms. Atoms form molecules which form various substances, and so on. On every level structures aggregate into emergent objects, often impossible to describe with concepts from the lower level. The race towards nanotech, string theory, and some aspects of metric engineering appear to have revealed that there is no lower limit to the number of levels that can be reached - every level contains structures of different kinds emerging from still lower levels.

Void Cathedralism makes the assumption that there is no lowest possible level of reality, but an infinity of yet more fundamental levels. The 'void' in the name signifies that there exists no fundamental substance, no essence - but the emerging structures reach upwards towards ever higher levels - the 'cathedral'. The continuing process of emergence is ongoing and the meaning of the universe. It is to a large extent free and possible to direct, and every being participates in selecting the next level.

It is believed the Softbot Cathedrals partially derive their name from Cathedralism, through the bioist interpretation of Lara Mananya.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 12 December 2001.