Kemshola, Qristan
MPA philosopher, fabulist and metacognitivist from Tyron band, Djed, born 4169 AT. Kemshola was born with a high sophotect genome in one of the Tyron extended families. Extensively networked from early childhood, Kemshola became interested in the problems of ontology and emergence that had so far been largely ignored by the practicalist Djed philosophical schools.

His main philosophical synthesis occurred in 2235, when he began presenting his theory of "the cathedral made of void". This theory, later dubbed Void Cathedralism, would become the basis of MPA materialism. Extending his ideas into omegism, he developed a, for its time, highly innovative form of paramegism which became fully appreciated only during the ComEmp.

The story that Kemshola met a baseline, a victim of Pourmurmide, and an upload and that these experiences drove him on his philosophical quest is most certainly a fabrication. In the later half of his public life he embraced fabulism, and began a deliberate campaign of disinformation and myth-making about himself and his philosophies. This was so successful that all traces of the historical Kemshola end beyond 2650. The story that he gave his mind as a gift to the Keterist emissary devices at the Nueva Hidalgo meeting is most likely fabrication, although not even major Keter intelligences can vouchsafe this. The evidence for his escape to Earth and later life as a rianth in Australia has been debunked.

That Kemshola was killed in a shuttle crash on Jordana in 2694 is more likely, although the story that he was transmuted into a perfect artwork at Unerk-Pr!fok on Barboro appears to be the currently leading story. The numerous copies and forgeries that with embarrassing regularity appear in MPA systems only help add to the confusion.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 29 November 2001.