Praxis-Gnosis (Epsilon Indi B)
Epsilon Indi B and C
Image from Steve Bowers
The twin brown dwarfs Epsilon Indi Ba and Bb, known as Praxis and Gnosis. In the distance is Epsilon Indi A, more than 1200 AU from the pair.

Praxis-Gnosis System - Data Panel

SystemNames: Gatlida
Components: 3
1) Gatlida (Epsilon Indi A)
2) Praxis (Epsilon Indi Ba)
3) Gnosis (Epsilon Indi Bb)
- Distance from Ran: 14.07 ly (J2000)
- Distance from Sol: 11.87 ly (J2000)
- Constellation: Indus
PraxisNames: Praxis, Epsilon Indi Ba
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 66.92 x Jupiter
- Radius: 55,656.0 km (0.08 x Sol)
- Spectral type: T1
- Luminosity: 0.000020 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 1,369 Kelvin
- Age: 3.5 billion years
GnosisNames: Gnosis, Epsilon Indi Bb
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 53.25 x Jupiter
- Radius: 57,047.4 km (0.082 x Sol)
- Spectral type: T6
- Luminosity: 0.000006 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 994 Kelvin
- Age: 3.5 billion years
Binary orbitOrbital characteristics:
- Average separation: 2.406 AU
- Period: 11.02 years
- Eccentricity: 0.540

Deeper Covenant worlds and major relay node of the Deeper communications network.

A second dwarf, known as Gnosis, orbits with Praxis; both dwarfs host an extensive network of moonworlds. The Covenant have built orbital rings and skyhooks to mine hydrogen from the upper atmosphere and use it to power fusion 'artisuns' illuminating the moonworlds, most of which have been terraformed.

Large fusion farms float at the poles of the dwarfs and beam energy to mass beam cannons based on three of the outer moons. Three cycler circuits link to Praxis as well as a large space time catapult system which handles traffic to and from nearby Epsilon Indi A, 1220 AU from the pair.

Due to the proximity of the Epsilon Indi wormhole, the system is a favorite embarkation/debarkation point for tourists, honeymooners and the mildly adventurous seeking to spend a few months or years of (subjective) time travelling across the Inner Sphere via beamrider.

For similar reasons, Praxis also hosts a major relay node of the Deeper communications network and is used by many Deepers as a gateway to and from the rest of Terragen civilization.

Praxis 2
Image from Steve Bowers
A beamrider station orbiting Praxis

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