Image from Bernd Helfert

The godtech modification and transcension of a star into a high S-level (>SI:4 due to multi-nodality) archailect.

While appearing as a normal stellar object, the Godstar is a fully transapient being with control over many aspects of stellar behavior. The Godstar is in some ways analogous to a Planetary Caretaker God, maintaining an optimal stellar environment for bionts and AIs. However, unlike the Caretaker God which resides on or in the planet, the Godstar is the stellar object. It is believed that subsidiary beings of SI:2- SI:4 (Flarelings and Spot Dwellers) exist in conjunction with em. The recent discovery of the Godstars provoked varying reactions throughout Terragen Space. The affiliation of 23 currently-known Godstars is unaffiliated with any of the known archailects, nor has the nature of eir origin and creation as yet been ascertained. Their long-term effect upon Sephirotic polities remains unknown pending further investigation and developments.

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Text by Keith Halperin
Initially published on 16 August 2003.