O class supergiant in the NoCoZo middle regions

Image from Steve Bowers

Star Naos, Zeta Puppis
Distance from Sol 1,093 ly (epoch 2000)
Type O4If
Luminosity 398,000 LSol
Surface Temperature 40,000 K

Naos was colonized in the 5680's by a bizarre corporate-religious clade calling itself the UV Consciousness. The Consciousness colonized a number of worldlets orbiting more than 500 AU from the star, building a nano-biotech ecology based on the absorption of ultraviolet radiation. Members of this clade are humanoids with extensive UV-absorbing wings that can be used as solar sails; they resemble the Sailor clade in many ways but emerged separately.

As Naos emits mainly in the ultraviolet band and has an intense solar wind this clade is remarkably successful, but no outsider has managed to get the Consciousness to reveal the purpose of their colonization effort. One enigmatic claim from their Spokeslobe is that they are awaiting the day when Naos goes supernova, as they will then direct the radiation blast into the human soul and the neutrinos into the ai soul.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 December 2001.