Dillings, Jonesy

One of the First Federation peterpans that made Chuckie the Beanz Borg's Bayked Beanz marketing ploy so successful.

In 2809, returning from a subrelativistic Grand Tour, e heard that Chucky was now located at Jest Beanz, Terance Orbital Clusters, Hokon's Third Purchase, and relocated there, where he ascended to cyborg posthuman in 3019, using the moniker "Joey the BurpBot" after an early Federation Age toon of the same name for eir popular sapient-grade avatar. In 3121, following Chuckie the Beanz Borg's ascension, e was appointed successor.

In 3625 Dillings unexpectedly sold (or was manipulated into selling - the current accounts vary) Jest Beanz to the Terance Funky Entertainment Cartel. Soon after e divided emself into several copies. "Alpha" returned to his life as a peterpan. "Beta" followed Suprachuckie, but found life on Wallace dull so went to see what could be had among the Dominion, where e had a brief career as a thespian (e is currently making the Grand Tour, accompanied by a collection of sentient toys and a nursebot minder) and "Gamma" retired become a wandering minstrel on several Deeper Covenant Cycle route for the next two thousand years, before returning to the Nexus in 5351, where e set up a successful franchise of Burpbot Singers, using an almost identical template to the original Federation Age toon. Unfortunately the hypereconomic recession of 5412 was the deathnell of eir business. In 7414, using some salvaged resources, the gamma Joey the Burpbot uploaded into a Cyberian cybercosm and was never seen again. At least two thousand of eir T=0.3 (baseline equivalent) toposophic Burpbot Singers are still in existence, roaming the nexus and beamrider network, doing party tricks and pubcrawls.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 March 2003.