Chuckie the Beanz Borg
Late Emergence to Early Consolidation Age NoCoZo businessbeing.

Chuckie the Beanz Borg began life as a Bayked Beanz Advertising Hyperturing. The 590th generation of a successful line of first Federation self-evolving hyperturing corporate code personas, he came to fame through careful use of local media, via his famous avatar Chuckie the Beanz Borg ("I'm chucking (up) Beanz") which shocked the older executives but opened the markets to the multi-centennial juvebrats and peterpans of the time.

When Bayked Beanz was bought out by a second toposophic entity in 1928, Chuckie took eir share payout and his persona and invested in deep space development. In 2612 e retired to eir favourite and most successful franchise, Jest Beanz, a NoCoZo themepolity in the Terance Orbital Clusters, Hokon's Third Purchase (later renamed Noyce), which Chuckie decorated with huge garish replicas of Bayked Beanz Microgravity Bulbs and madverts.

During the 2780s e skillfully manipulated the Jaguar-Bear Rianth crisis, and did a roaring trade in adventure themeparks, even patenting the Jaguar-Bear Clones.

After ascending to Second Toposophic in 3121 he underwent an epiphany and lost interest in theme parks, renaming emself SupraChuckie, and dedicated emself to ant farming, leaving the running of things to eir postpeterpan student Jonesy Dillings.

In 3483 one of SupraChuckie's avatars, Chuckie Luvs Antz, acquired autonomy and took eir ants on a grand tour of the galaxy. SupraChuckie was apparently very disappointed in Chuckie Luvs Antz's decision to uplift eir ants to sophont grade, as that would destroy "the delicate poetry of nonsapient arthropods encountering the universe from behind two glass panes", but took no further action. Chuckie Luvs Antz later retired to the Utopia Sphere dyson of Wallace, where e spent many trillions of subjective years studying insects, before returning to business management.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 March 2003.