Lett-Vorek, Admiral Tka
Version War hu folk hero.

One of the most extraordinary figures of the Version War was Admiral Tka Lett-Vorek, the commander of the Interplanetary Combined Fleet. In 4520 the neutral system of Peta Dromanis was attacked by Metasoft autowars pursuing a damaged and fleeing Dominion corvette, the Whittikar, that had been granted temporary sanctuary in the system, with the loss of twenty million lives. The previously disparate world-states united under the local superpowers of the Idao Orbital Band, the Thomasborogh Hegemony, and House Valinder-Laton to avenge the atrocity, and protect their borders from further incursion. After some squabbling over who should lead the expeditionary force, in 4605 the controversial but popular Admiral Tka Lett-Vorek was placed in charge.

Lett-Vorek led his small but capable relativistic fleet deep into Metasoft territory, only to be surrounded by vastly superior forces and cut off from supplies. However, he was a master of out-guessing 'grunt' AIs in charge of enemy autowars by using less-than-optimal tactics, constantly surprising them and supplying his fleet by piracy. Lett-Vorek attacked deeper and deeper into enemy space, charging into systems not expecting enemy action (and therefore less than fully prepared) and then destroying resupply depots, cutting off his own means of escape.

Although seemingly a kamikaze strategy, Lett-Vorek actually was using a very circular route through the wormhole networks to emerge into friendly space again, after ravaging the enemy's far sectors and 'living off the land' (however, only 9% of his original force actually made it back). He was one of the few genuine war heroes of the chaotic time. Much later, after the war had ended, he was to be mythologized by Anthropist hagiographers as "the man who opposed the aioid might". Ironically, Lett-Vorek was always a supporter of biont-aioid harmony, and among his crew was proud to count several capable vecs, including his trusted Assistant Executive Officer, Commander "Jack" (this fact being conveniently excluded from the Anthropist accounts).
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Text by Aaron Hamilton
Initially published on 08 September 2000.