Conver Ky
The Death of Conver Ky
Image from Loopquanta and Steve Bowers
Kinetic weapons were the cause of the worst of the destruction on Conver Ky

Name: 37 Geminorum
Class: G0 V
Luminosity: 1.25 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 56.3 ly

Name: Conver Ky
Nolwocs Type: Eogaian (terraformed to Eugaian)
Diameter: 12900 km4
Colonised 1966 AT

Conver Ky was the capital of the Conver Ambi up until the Conver War.

Originally the planet was a lifeless eogaian world, but the reducing atmosphere was terraformed over a period of five centuries by Jovian Ecotech resulting in a very Earth-like planetary biosphere, into which was introduced a plethora of exotic life forms both natural and gengineered. By the time the Conver Ambi was waxing as a religious-corporate empire Conver Ky grew into one of the richest and most populous systems in existence, larger than Bourgatov and New Earth.

During the Conver War, the conflicts within the system led to massive use of relativistic kinetic weapons, amat bombs, and aggressive self-replicating swarms, wiping out the biosphere.
This forced the survivors to flee into emergency space habitats where they were easy prey for the Orthodox cleansing program. In the final phase of the war, singularity weapons were used in the system, destroying most of the remaining habitats. In the end 99.5% of the population had been wiped out. The system remains dangerous to this day due to drifting singularities and nanotech spores.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Image by Loopquanta (background sky by Steve Bowers)
Initially published on 24 September 2001.

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