Capital of the Silicon Generation

Cog Partial Dyson
Image from Steve Bowers
Cog Dyson surrounds a fairly dim star, only 0.29 times as luminous as Sol, and the collection structure is placed as close as it can get without melting. This structure collects power for the main Silicon Generation habitable structures, which are further out. The various CogNations live in a wide variety of structures; since they are vecs, most of them are comfortable in environments that unmodified humans cannot tolerate.

Star: BD +25°4085, HD 190470
Distance from Sol: 70.5 ly
Stellar Type: K3 V
Luminosity: 0.29 x Sol
Constellation: Vulpecula

Capital of the Silicon Generation. Colonized in 1405 AT.

Surrounded by a partial Dyson swarm. At the time it was discovered, "cog" was a disrespectful term some humans used to refer to vecs. When this structure was discovered in 1698 AT it was labeled "Cog" by certain sensationalist sectors of the Known Net. The name stuck, and eventually acquired a certain sense of prestige.

The Cog swarm habitats were each inhabited by a different 'CogNation', some of which, such as the Emotive CogNation, were fiercely independent. The Emotives were involved in a bitter war with the Metasoft vecs of Rigel during the Integration.

Image from Bernd Helfert

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Initially published on 29 July 2000.