Bio-Geo Planetary Node/Brain

Planet-sized biological collective processors

Image from Steve Bowers
Kdrega, a Bio-Geo planetary node in the Zoeific Biopolity

Any planet or similar-sized, originally naturally-occurring body that has been converted and dedicated to processing tasks through Bio-Geo-Computing and other collective biological systems. Most often a Gaian-type terrestrial world, though any life-bearing world, or one capable of being life-bearing, will do. Such biological brains may attain any toposophic level up to S:3. Whatever eir capabilities (actual or potential), Bio-Geo Planetary Nodes/Brains (variously called BP Nodes, BG Nodes, BP Brains, or BG Brains) invariably operate far more slowly than processing megastructures not limited to biology (which is effectively nanotech), mainly due to the lack, in a pure Bio-Geo Planetary Node/Brain, of internal wormholes.

The AI god GAIA is widely regarded as the first, and most obvious, example of a Bio-Geo Planetary Node/Brain. This may be technically incorrect, however. It is not known if GAIA, the AI god which currently occupies Earth, actually utilizes Bio-Geo Computing, but this seems very likely to be the case.

Worlds with confirmed Bio-Geo processor systems include Lancer's World, Kdregra, and the xenosophont worlds Clive's Brain, Whisper and Steelcliff.
Clive's brain
Image from Steve Bowers
Clive's Brain, a xenosophont Bio-Geo planetary mind

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Initially published on 31 December 2007.