Zoeific Biopolity world with a single BioGeo Mind

Image from Steve Bowers
Kdregra has a wide range of ecologies, all bound together into a single consciousness

Colonised 4166at
Constellation Delphinius
Star HIP 102076
Distance from Sol 436 ly
Type G0
Luminosity 5.1 x Sol
Planet Kdregra
Diameter 10191km

Zoeific Biopolity world with a world-wide collective consciousness, housed in a sub-crustal BioGeoComputing layer as well as within each and all of the ecological biomes on this world, which together form a vast envome (a sentient environment).

All native species include artificial biotech processing organelles, each of which can communicate with each other via complex networking systems in the soil and ocean waters. Even though every native species has the potential to communicate in this way, many of those species do not use the communication channels to any significant extent. Visiting and introduced species do not share in this collective mind, although many visiting sophonts use direct neural interfacing to communicate and commune with the planetary mind.

Since the Age of Crisis the Kdregra planetary mind appears to have become somewhat eccentric. When it achieved the second singularity during this period, some observers declared that it had taken on certain characteristics of an animin entity. Certainly any sophont who communes with the Kdregra mind for any significant length of time comes away from the experience profoundly changed.

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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 22 March 2017.