AreanTundral Subtype

Cold Mars-like planets, often with considerable reserves of ice.

Image from Steve Bowers
Two out of three of the Arean worlds in the Oquendo system were AreanTundral before terraformation; Angelina (centre) and Alexis (right)

Mature, cold Arean type worlds. Water ice and/or dry ice is present at the poles, generally raising the planetary albedo and lowering the effective temperature. While the atmosphere is eroded and geological processes are all but extinct, there remains large reserves of water at the poles or beneath the surface.

AreanTundral worlds are found towards the outer edge of the local habitable zone, a location which means these worlds are quite frigid. However some worlds of this subtype may have occasional and temporary conditions which allow for surface liquid water. Life is possible, but only at very simple levels.
Image from John M Dollan

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Text by John M. Dollan
Initially published on 31 December 2007.