AreanLacustric Subtype worlds

Young Mars-like Worlds with moderate amounts of ocean cover

Deucalion Preterraforming
Image from Steve Bowers
Before it was terraformed, Deucalion was an AreanLacustric world
Young Mars-like worlds with moderate amounts of ocean cover
These are typically young Arean worlds which retain enough geological activity so that the carbon cycle remains active, but only just. Volcanism continues at a high enough rate to maintain a relatively thick atmosphere, composed largely of carbon dioxide and methane, while on the surface large seas and oceans may aid in a stunted form of plate tectonics. However, as the planet ages and geological activity lessens, the atmospheres become thinner and the planet becomes colder, until finally the world evolves into the common Arean form. Example Deucalion (preterraforming)
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Initially published on 20 November 2008.