Keterist training manual-entity developed in the early 2000's by the Church of The Truly Re-Engineered Light to introduce converts to the tenets of hyper-rational anarchy and Keterism.

Auto-Holding-Container, itself a hierarchical polybeing with S1, SI:2 and SI:3 instances (the SI:3 instance became part of the Church Board of Ascendors). The S1 and SI:2 versions of Auto-Holding-Container, a toonic bag/case adapting to different needs and continually seeking to both fill itself and be able to hold ever more, represented the yearning of all sentience towards transcendence, combining with endearing traits of naivety/simple Bayesian prior selection. It underwent various adventures in its quest, and its experiences, misfortunes and successes symbolized the ideas of Keterism.

Auto-Holding-Container became a popular symbol, theme or participant in other training/education/mindstate copying materials, and its S1 and SI:2 parts were extensively franchised. When the Church disbanded in 2680, the SI:3 part separated from the by now far-flung sub-beings and was replaced by a simulation. This simulation was less successful in maintaining the franchise, and the being slipped into the public domain.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 03 November 2001.