Solar Event
Image from Bernd Helfert

By Grant Thomas (2008)

When our crew arrived, I took a week off, to visit the large offshore lakes for a bit of surfing and sun, before we had to put the ship through its inspection before the race, just over two weeks away. I think I'll take a much-needed vacation, maybe after the race perhaps a month off.

As I sat in my Hotel cubicle, I read over the Changes to the race rules and talked it over with the Annulas -Ai, My solar ship, who agreed that the changes would be better for all of the competitors. Of course Solar racing isn't exactly a Cheap Sport, but having major sponsors and a great family and crew to support you helps.

As I laid back and drifted off in an induced sleep, I thought about the trip here, through customs and wormgate officials, money and sometimes favours changes hands. Most of them wished me better luck this time. As the last time I had a major power failure just 2 million kilometers from the finish line and the embarrassment to be towed across the Line as well.

When I awoke, it was barely night and the yellow and brown twilight from the twin suns shone through the protective dome of the city. Turning on the newscasts all I saw was news and gossips about the up and coming Zenana-Ku Annual Solar Event, Of course it was a Big event, nothing compared it. I got an update brief from my crew chief, who said everything was coming along nicely. And she told me to relax and have a good time off.

After scanning the tourists Spots, I decided Just to relax in the Sun and on the beach and try my hand at real surfing, I didn't care for those VR one's. So I donned my BlockU glasses, (a gift from a Friend of mine, and the only thing to block out Subliminal adverts and messages) and walked to the Beach. It was pure bliss, I even managed a swim.

As it got dark I decided to take in the local Nightlife and sample the local seafood cuisine. Even the waiters, Bio-bred half-breeds who serve the locals and the tourists, were chatting about the race, as I listened, I could hear them saying, what luck that the race had been brought to Edsono, it will be a great boost for the local economy. As I eat my rich Biogenetic Food I called the Annulas AI, to check on the progress of the rebuild. Of course the "Annulas" AI told me everything was going fine And did I want to talk to my Crew chief.

I decided to take a Short Magrail trip over to the famous Benson's Point Museum but found it under reconstruction after a mysterious fire, Or so the Guard told me. It suggested I go to the Captain Mistreal Lookout, Where I could see the local wildlife do something called the Openal Dance. When I arrived there 45 minutes later I gasped at the wonderful display of glowing shapes floating just above the ground. The 20 or so crowd which were there were regulars, as I found out later, had been here every 3 months for this event. I was lucky to catch this display.

Later that early morning I staggered back to my hotel cubicle and slept like a log. For I still had 4 more days left, with lots to do.

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