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Gun pride week of the Kings, whoever thought it would come to that?
Well, the local population loved it, but as far as I could see it was frightening, for someone who had never seen a killing weapon before.
One of the Locals tried to explain it to me; he seemed to have a great pride in it as he showed me his collection, which he kept under the desk of our local Hotel. Of course I cringed at the fact of these primitive weapons. But he explained not only were they his, but antiques as well, passed down by his great-grandfather.
Lucky we were only passing through here.

Of course that what happens when you book a hotel in Galt's Gulch, Atlantis.
Anyway, when we arrived at the McDaggart Orbital Terminal, after a restful trip through the Wormhole Gate, First Class (of course).
It was only broken up by a particularly rude passenger who shared our flight to the Terminal. He seemed to complain about everything he could think of; luckily for me and the rest of us, he was heading to Newdisneyworld first.

When we reached our stopping berth, on our bed was a small jacket and a visor. After picking it up I read the instructions and realised it as a wearable currency converter. It did seem strange that Atlantis uses a system of private currencies, where each person, family or group "prints" its own currency.

As we left our berth, and picked up our passes for the McDaggart Monument we were constantly bombarded by Warsport Advertisement and promotions for Gun Pride, even in the capital, It seemed have a wide impact our most of this world.

The McDaggart Monument wasn't much to look at; I was disappointed in it, really.

I've seen bigger and more complex monuments on other worlds. But still it was a sight to behold. The Holo matrix seemed to give off its own glow, even in the sunlight; and suddenly I could see McDaggart himself standing next to us. Of course he was only a Virtual program, I almost felt sorry for him as he gave our group his speech.

After the speech several of us asked him questions and he dutifully answered them. After a while I became bored, but as the afternoon wore on we boarded a Magrail to the Themelands, where we would stay a couple of days, before heading home.

By Grant Thomas (2008)

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