A Bed of Stone
Bed of Stone
Image from Bernd Helfert
by Bill Glover (2008)

Lay me down on a bed of stone
And I will weep no more.

- Thompson Finch, "Graveyard Songs" [b 2137 - d 2214 c.e.]

==> Action complete.
==> (
concept_block "My condolences Mr. Jones.",
(version "Lambda-block-protocol.231.2.15")
(lambda express_grief_for_copy_of (x, y)
(concept_block (express_grief_for x (copy_of(y)))))
(retrieve_list_of_copies "Evram Jones"), "Evram Jones")),
(concept_block (offer_support_percentage_to(0.65, "Evram Jones")))

==> Expressing condolences for copies 1-10,000 of Evram Jones.
==> (action terminate("Evram Jones"))
==> Action complete.

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