Formidable Appetite

By Nathan Gray (2017)


He's one sick bastard.

The things he does in virchworlds are punishable by death if performed in reality. If they weren't, or if he could get away with it under the watchful eye of the transaps, he would surely commit his crimes for real.

Of course, I understand his obsession. The thrill, the power. Anyone can give life. Taking it away makes one feel godlike. It takes balls. It takes strength. And it takes a strong stomach. The more one tortures their victems prior to the act, the stronger one must be.

It's not like he dishes out what he can't take either. Every trip to a Death Parlour is more intense than the last. Ha, they've even started refusing his requests!

As I said, it takes a strong stomach. And as perverted as the proprietors of those establishments are, there's only so much they can handle. Once again he turns to virchworlds, but it's not the same. Sure, it feels real, but he knows it's not.

He should just ask me.

I'm perfect. Just how he wanted me. It makes me dangerous, but he doesn't care. If I wasn't as perfect as I am , it wouldn't be the same. It would be worse than a virchworld. At least in virch one can have exactly what they want. And he wants me perfect, and he can have it for real.

I was locked downstairs for days. I don't know why he expected me to react to that. He'd come down and abuse me periodically. It was fucking hilarious to not react. It made him so mad. He'd threaten me, beat me harder, increase the torture. Not the skin flaying, the castration, the burrowing parasites rammed into orifice after orifice. None of it.

Sure, I had the normal human instinctual reactions to pain. But I never begged. I never asked him to stop. Sometimes I'd plead to him for more. Beg him not to stop. He must have expected this. I would have. And whatever I feel, he feels too.

I had my plans too, and I knew all of his. At least, I could predict them with an extreme level of accuracy. Only death would stop me. And he wasn't prepared to do that yet. He acted like one of those Death Parlour proprietors. Bringing me to the brink, and reviving me again. He forgot he liked that experience, and therefore so do I. But he wouldn't kill me. No, he had his plan.

Autovory was his plan. But he should have taken more precautions. He tastes sweeter than I expected. It didn't bother him either when I got the upper hand. He actually thanked me for a decent struggle when I delivered the killing blow.

Fuck that was fun. I can't wait to do it again…

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